Friday, March 23, 2018

Caught in action at the gym

The weather has been pretty crazy here in Jersey-- warm one day, freezing another. A couple days in to spring and we're still having snow. I'm even finding it hard to dress for simple things like walking the dog! Winter coat for the cold winds, shorts for the warm sun. The neighbors think I'm nuts with this outfit but it just felt right...and quite frankly, it was a pretty nice compromise. I've been hitting the gym to release some energy and was caught in action working out with bands in a recent Facebook post. I definitely felt the burn and it was a variation from the normal routine. It's not easy to get out and release energy when you're cooped up fighting unpredictable weather but if you can, find something that works for you and start moving. Click to see FB link.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Back at it!

Happy to be back at it again! I've been blessed to be on hiatus for quite a few years working at home with my two children. I have a son, now 7 and a daughter, 5. I homeschooled my son up through kindergarten and to date still homeschool my daughter. I love my time home as a mom and definitely see life through different eyes. Refreshed, ready and with a big ol' cup of coffee in hand,  I'm now back in the swing of things. 

I created Book Babe~Loves to Read, Lives to Laugh, Always Smart & Sassy to allow women of all ages to celebrate their love of reading while also showing off their sassy side. We all have one! Some of you know me as an author, but I'm so much more than that. I'm a wife, mom, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and jungle gym buddy. I'm someone who loves to dance, exercise, eat healthy, splurge on fries, meditate, bike ride, hug my beautiful dog and experience new tastes in food. Being part of this blog, I will share with you some of things I do in my life and hope to motivate you to embrace who you are. Each day we have a fresh start to learn something new. So I, and some guests to the blog, will encourage you to learn a craft, listen to another genre of music or simply step outside your bubble to help expand your horizons. We hope to bring you new ideas, show you interesting things and tell you about what we love to read or watch.  You’ll thank yourself for setting up some “me” time and I invite you to share this page with the Book Babes in your life. 

I appreciate your feedback and welcome ideas if you'd like to be part of a future blog post so feel free to email in anytime or PM me on Facebook. Soooo, now it's your turn, what have you been up to over the past couple years?... "Comment" some things you're proud to be doing lately! xoxo

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Homeschool Ideas

This homeschool lesson was tons of fun. We brought it back old school style...I mean "audio cassette" old school. Lol. My 5 yr old and I listened to a story while doing some sticker art. Then, we listened another 3x and we drew all the special things that she visualized from the story. Pretty cool stuff. Do you do anything similar with an audio tool or visualization in school, at home or as an adult that allows you to get creative?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Meeting Pheobe McKeeby for the 1st time!

We were so excited to meet Pheobe, it was the first thing Milana asked for after waking up! Very excited to have her in our family and will enjoy showing her all around. Feel free to say hello in the comments!