Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Milestones

Big excitement today. My little darling got beautified with pierced ears! She was confident and ready and I definitely had my proud mom-moment seeing her stare at her beautiful big girl earrings in the mirror without a tear in her eye. Celebrate the moments that make you smile. I was much older than my daughter. In fact, I was in college! To be quite honest...I don't even remember the actual age. It was quite anti-climactic in the sense that after waiting so long it wasn't my graduation or wedding day. However, it was spectacular in that I could finally say goodbye to the pinching, swollen earlobes and hello to gorgeous baubles and pearls. I remember feeling a sense of independence & maturity after that, probably because I was of the mindset to wait until 'I'm older."  As for my girl, she was treated to this much earlier than I, but I plan on keepin' her little for a bit longer. For now, we'll have some fun using her new earrings to accent dress-up clothes at playdates and look forward to beautifing her next major milestone attire. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness: 2 Tickets

I recently drove down the street and saw an elderly man sitting on the side of his home enjoying the sun. It transported me back two decades to Paterson, NJ, same situation, where an elderly man would sit in front of his home at the top of a hill and wave to each passerby. I was one of the many that would honk, wave back, and felt tickled by his friendly gesture made to perfect strangers daily. I can't remember a time he wasn't outside, which makes me giggle now, looking back. How was he outside all the time? My daily routine definitively included a man I'd never met and looked forward to which is a pretty powerful thing.
Within that year, I made the NBA NJ Nets dance team, which was thrilling. We'd get several tickets to promote each game and after giving to family and friends, I was at a loss of who I might treat to tickets. I think you see where I'm going with this. It was after that thought that I chose a day, gathered some moxie, approached the man's home but instead of honking, pulled over. I was a bundle of excitement and nerves but more intrigued by simply getting the chance to say hello. We chatted for a moment and found he was delighted to know his presence outside was a staple in my day. He took the tickets with a big ole' smile and I said this time I'll be cheering you on.

Random acts of kindness, be it big or small, can alter another's attitude. We all have that power. Sometimes we do beautiful things for one another and don't even realize it. Splurging for a friend's coffee, helping a friend get organized or spotting someone at the gym. Spread the goodness and goodness will come back to you. The key is not to expect anything in return. We don't extend ourselves for a thank you, we do it because it feels right. How wonderful the feeling when we spread some joy.

Think about something nice YOU did or said for someone in the past few weeks?... I'm sure you have--be it for your hubby, partner, mom, child(ren), co-worker, stranger. Feels good, doesn't it? Keep that feeling going and continue spreading the joy. Feel free to comment if you'd like to share your story.
This is picture reminds me of that special man.