Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Milestones

Big excitement today. My little darling got beautified with pierced ears! She was confident and ready and I definitely had my proud mom-moment seeing her stare at her beautiful big girl earrings in the mirror without a tear in her eye. Celebrate the moments that make you smile. I was much older than my daughter. In fact, I was in college! To be quite honest...I don't even remember the actual age. It was quite anti-climactic in the sense that after waiting so long it wasn't my graduation or wedding day. However, it was spectacular in that I could finally say goodbye to the pinching, swollen earlobes and hello to gorgeous baubles and pearls. I remember feeling a sense of independence & maturity after that, probably because I was of the mindset to wait until 'I'm older."  As for my girl, she was treated to this much earlier than I, but I plan on keepin' her little for a bit longer. For now, we'll have some fun using her new earrings to accent dress-up clothes at playdates and look forward to beautifing her next major milestone attire. 

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