Thursday, April 30, 2020

April is School Librarian Month

SCHOOL LIBRARIANS ROCK!💖 Yep, I'm a school librarian and I love helping readers & inquisitive minds. The library is a magical place where learning never ends! To my fellow Book Babes out there who also work in the hub of the school, you change lives for the better. Keep empowering young minds and BRAVO on a job well done 💋

The last dance

#thelastdance #internationaldanceday
Pretty great series to catch if you haven't already. I danced for the NBA Nets when Jordan played and it was a helluva sight to see the Bulls on the court. "Check it out" if you haven't already...Librarian's Orders! 💋💗

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Typical Tuesday?...or is it?

Fell in love with this commercial. Starting today fresh. Character counts in who we are and what we do. Be a role model & call me typical any day. Check it out:
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