Melissa's Books

Pheobe McKeeby’s Garden Apartment and Pheobe McKeeby in I Promise I'll Take Care of the Dog are two in a series of character trait books. Each delightful picture book blends eye-catching illustrations of hip and trendy characters and décor with the goal of inspiring a positive character trait that is encouraged in the reader for the good of society. Each is geared toward children ranging from early readers to elementary school age. So what exactly is a character trait? It is a description of a person’s qualities,
i.e., how a person acts or what he/she
says without being told. 

Generosity • Responsibility • Graciousness
Perseverance • Self-discipline

The content of Melissa's books can also be very useful for teachers, parents and anyone involved in educating children. The Reflection Section is designed not only for the individual reader but all those who are engaged in the reading; be it a family, club or classroom. This portion provides a flexible structure that will allow facilitators to adapt content to address specific topics related to that of the reader. It will serve as a springboard to help the reader better understand a specific character trait and how it shapes the world around them.
  • open-ended questions to engage and encourage discussion
  • tips for incorporating good values into everyday living
  • example strategy used for steps in a process
  • glossary

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**Pheobe McKeeby’s Garden Apartment**
Summary:  After a tenant sets out to restore her garden, she comes home to find she wasn't the only one with a design plan in the works.  
Focus: Generosity

**Pheobe McKeeby in I Promise I'll Take Care of the Dog**
Summary: As if persuading her parents to get a pet wasn't hard enough, Pheobe soon finds out that caring for a dog wasn't as easy as she thought it might be. 
Focus: Responsibility

Pheobe's gearing up for her next adventure!
**Pheobe McKeeby in When in Rome Do as the Romans Do**
 Focus: Graciousness
Due out later this year