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Are you a Book Babe?

Author & Illustrator, Melissa J. Collesano

invites readers of all ages to...

Join the Book Babe Craze!

Our mission is to inspire and empower you to show off

your smart & sassy side, while living life to the fullest 

to create a life you truly ENJOY, all while

exemplifying good character traits!

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Dancer of three

professional sports teams,

school librarian, author,

illustrator & Book Babe

Melissa J. Collesano

inspires & empowers

readers of all


What is a Book Babe?


So what exactly does it take to be a Book Babe?

You’re a Book Babe if you’re a reader or like to be read to; if you’re smart and sassy; if you possess admirable character traits. A Book Babe has a flair for fun and a strong sense of self. A Book Babe strives to be the best at whatever they set their mind to. They enjoy balancing their love of reading with other aspects of their lives which in turn leaves them feeling enriched, fulfilled and empowered.  When you live a full life and set good examples, others will follow and try it out, too. 

Our Book Babe tribe is led by Melissa J. Collesano and our mission is to motivate you to embrace who you are, but know each day offers a fresh start to learn something new. We encourage you to learn a craft, listen to another genre of music or simply step outside your bubble to help expand who you are. We hope to bring you new ideas, show you interesting things and tell you about what we love to read. You’ll thank yourself for setting up some “me” time and we invite you to share this page and our FacebookInstagram & Pinterest pages with the Book Babes in your life.


 "Somedays you'll rock it out

& own the day like a fierce warrior...

looking at yourself in awe.


Other days, you'll simply crash...

Those days, you're gonna have to dig deep,

real deep... & then regroup."



About Melissa


If you need to find this author and librarian, you just might find her in the bookshelves. But Melissa's not your mother's librarian, that's for sure! This dynamo has danced professionally for the NBA’s New Jersey Nets (basketball), the NLL’s New Jersey Storm (lacrosse), NLL’s All-Star Game, and AFL’s New Jersey Gladiators (football).  She has appeared in sports and theme park commercials and was the first cheerleader ever to be inducted into her hometown's Athletic Hall of Fame. A dancer and cheerleader for over three decades, Melissa Jean Collesano knows what it takes to generate a rush of energy in a crowd. Yet, it's not only in the sports arena where she promotes enthusiasm--it's also in the minds of little ones reaching out for a journey of their own. This dancer turned librarian entered the field of education as a second grade teacher and found a natural outgrowth of teaching in the classroom to be running a school library. With her book background and contagiously energetic personality, this book babe’s got a flair for encouraging readers to check out all the library has to offer; to read the classics and also venture off and indulge in today’s hip trends. 

Now an author and mother, Melissa says she enjoys placing her own books in the hands of smiling children as well. “It’s fun being on both ends of the spectrum, “she says. "Teaching character and moral values is key in raising and educating our youngsters. At home or at school, character education should be a deliberate action plan that will help build a specific impression and encourage good behavior. In order to become a contributing and productive member of society as an adult, children must learn how to carry themselves in the world around them today."

Melissa has two children Peter Richard & Milana who you can meet when you visit the Learning Zone with Mellissa channel on YouTube. They've recently added an adorable "quarantine" Husky pup to their home where they reside in southern New Jersey.




What led to the creation of Book Babe? When Melissa was a professional dancer and cheerleader for sports teams, fans were often shocked to learn about her day job. She says, "I was inspired to create Book Babe—Loves to Read, Lives to Laugh, Always Smart & Sassy while I was dancing professionally and working as a librarian, a job I still enjoy.  It was definitely a unique yin to my yang and I had a lot of fun with them both—if you can imagine—shushing patrons in the library during the day and then dressed in glitter and costume by night! I had the chance to wave my pom poms, talk to fans and sign autographs in an arena filled with up to 20,000 fans!  Many couldn’t believe I was actually a librarian and began calling me “book babe,” a nickname I got a real kick out of. But I thought it can't be just me who has both a quiet, studious love of reading and a spirited, outgoing side...I know so many of us are made up of tons of unique talents. That's when the concept of Book Babe was created. As a guest speaker at author's conferences, with my authored & illustrated children's books, I met many women of all ages that were readers and also talented in novel ways, with a unique yin to their yang, and I loved introducing them to Book Babe! They were tickled with its concept and agreed it's time we celebrate all the beautiful colors we truly are."


 Meet Pheobe  McKeeby, 

 the Main Character in Melissa's Book Series... 

Meet Pheobe, a character that Melissa created for her children’s books...She's smart & sassy and loves her high heel shoes & stylish clothes...almost as much as Melissa! She loves reading & has a flair for fun which totally makes her a Book Babe!

See more of Pheobe McKeeby on her YouTube Channel, Pheobe McKeeby and Me! Starring our darling doll named Pheobe brought to life! You’ll even get to know Milana & Peter Richard, Melissa's children, as they take Pheobe under their wing! Now that she's out of the pages of Melissa's books, she's ready to meet the world & learn tons of new things. But don’t be fooled by all the fun…Melissa's kiddos are learning what it takes to be productive members of society & they're going to encourage Pheobe to do the same. Good morals & character are the way to grow, so off on an adventure they all shall go!

Get Going! Be a role model, set good examples and 

Take ACTION, like Pheobe!

Pheobe  McKeeby



Learn more about character traits by reading these books, featuring Pheobe McKeeby! Each delightful picture book blends eye-catching illustrations of hip and trendy characters and décor with the goal of inspiring a positive character trait. Be on the lookout for more books in the series.

The content of Melissa's books can also be very useful for teachers, parents and anyone involved in educating children. The Reflection Section is designed not only for the individual reader but all those who are engaged in the reading; be it a family, club or classroom. This portion provides a flexible structure that will allow facilitators to adapt content to address specific topics related to that of the reader. It will serve as a springboard to help the reader better understand a specific character trait and how it shapes the world around them.

  • open-ended questions to engage and encourage discussion

  • tips for incorporating good values into everyday living

  • example strategy used for steps in a process

  • glossary


Take ACTION by demonstrating

Admirable Character Traits In Our Neighborhoods!

Follow Pheobe's lead and be a role model, set good examples and incorporate good character traits

into your everyday living at home, school, work and play. 


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