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Show off your sassy side by sporting a silicone Book Babe bracelet on your wrist, your glass, a thermos or water bottle. Accessorize your outfit by wearing a bracelet on your wrist or ankle. Want to keep safe from eating or drinking out of the wrong container at work, school, daycare, ladies nights, book club meetups, sporting events, etc.? Place it on a thermos, water bottle or glass as a way of claiming which is yours. Want to really make a statement? Wear or stack on multiple colors! Bracelets come in adult and youth sizes.  Choose the size that would best work for you and get creative.

*If placed on a wine glass, it is recommended to flip the glass over and pull up from the stem. It is not recommended on thin glass of any kind.


Bracelet Youth size: 7” around

Bracelet Adult size: 8” around


Book Babe Bracelet (Orange)

SKU: orange_bracelet
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